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Commentaire de tT3FKvUj5f, le 11/09/14 :
Th'eers nothing like the relief of finding what you're looking for.

Commentaire de NbPIVbdE, le 10/09/14 :
Ah, but you could have good Baptist parents like mine. I just tuenrd 36 and they have never discussed sex with me growing up, except to strongly imply it was bad. Despite their best efforts, I've never been able to feel that way. Glad you and your guy have found happiness. Wish I had the same luck. Someday maybe

Commentaire de , le 19/09/10 :
Je préfère largement la vraie.

Commentaire de pk, le 26/09/08 :

Commentaire de yannicklemousquetaire, le 09/07/08 :
non tu es mieux qu'elle

Commentaire de yannicklemousquetaire, le 03/06/08 :
non tu n'y ressembles pas