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Commentaire de fw3Fq0gWTiX, le 09/09/14 :
AN ADEQUATE WARM UP FOR THE CLIMATE; ONE COMPONENT FOR INJURY PREVENTIONCoach Celia’s Outdoor Fitness, the newest socrue for overall outdoor fitness in Collier County Florida, focuses every workout to include a balance of cardio and strength moves to give all members a complete overall body workout. Injury prevention and providing safe instruction to all members is at the core value of all Coach Celia’s classes. Each session starts with the warm up and ends with the cool down and muscle stretch to provide a safe workout and protect against injury. Extending the warm up in cooler weather, even the mild-cooler weather in SW Florida is imperative.A typical session begins with a 5 minute warm up, a jog, jump rope, gentle twists and light strength moves. In cooler weather, the warm up is extended to 10 or 15 minutes and starts with a speed walk, for a slower transition of muscle movement, incorporating light strength moves and light stretching to ensure the muscles are warm and flexible before going into the workout. It is imperative to prevent injury to ensure overall blood flow and muscles and joints move freely.A typical workout is from 30 to 45 minutes. After an adequate warm up, each segment begins with a complete explanation of the move, modifications and the muscles being worked with emphasis placed on proper form, to prevent injury. Most segments of an Outdoor Fitness workout are timed, to allow every member to push their level instead of a set number which may not be sufficient for some or too intense for others. Timed segments along with modified moves ensure maximal effectiveness and safety.All Coach Celia’s Outdoor Fitness workouts are designed to be effective and ensure safety. To ensure injury prevention, two main components are part of every session; an adequate warm up for the environment followed by proper instruction for a well-balanced session of cardio and strength segments offering modifications to challenge all fitness levels.For class schedules, to schedule a personal training session or a build your own group session, visit or call Coach Celia Fellows at 239*825*6508. Be FIT! Stay FIT!

Commentaire de karim, le 16/12/07 :
appel moi

Commentaire de jef, le 08/12/07 :