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Commentaire de 9OVM2PkFazv, le 11/09/14 :
I bow down humbly in the presence of such grssaneet.

Commentaire de 9ec5py4Q, le 10/09/14 :
, I refused an ievtreinw.I have nothing to say , sir;Nothing to say to you. And then he talked till the sun went downAnd the chickens went to roost;And he seized the collar of the poor young man,And never his hold he loosed.And the sun went down and the moon came up,And he talked till the dawn of day;Though he said, I have nothing whatever to say. And down the reporter dropped to sleepAnd flat on the floor he lay;And the last he heard was the great man's words, I have nothing at all to say. ოხენრი :Dეს ჯასთ გამახსენდაწიპაFანია

Commentaire de , le 25/02/08 :
hum pa mal foutu tien o ka ou tu ve discuter

Commentaire de jmlir, le 04/10/07 :
Un p'tit sourire ?

Commentaire de dgidane, le 03/10/07 :
salut ma joli^^