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Salut les mecs ;)

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Commentaire de NrkCFIZFVSFF, le 11/09/14 :
Maria, it was great meeting you and shrniag this experience with you as well. What a great weekend with MeRa and Brian. But I think the best part is the bonding we've all done after the workshop, the feeling of togetherness, and knowing we all have this community of women who get it and will lift us up when we need lifting, hold our hand when we need holding, and share and support always. It was and continues to be truly amazing. You are an extremely talented photographer and I am blessed to share this journey with you. ♥xoxo Marcy

Commentaire de Q6Dp21jjyIz, le 10/09/14 :
wow!!! Christina Carroll!!! I have been FB buds with your dad for a year or so, but never found you on there. I hope you & your mom & brother are all doing well. You have an azaimng birth story and gorgeous twins!!! You were always such a beautiful child & young lady growing up! I am so glad to have found you on here!! Congratulations to mother hood! It is challenging at times, but the rewards are worth every second! I hope to catch up with you some day! May God bless you abundantly!! HUGS sweetie!!Kellie

Commentaire de MZgMNoFfLlIHQC, le 27/07/11 :
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Commentaire de HrsHFCPhFHKvSGIpl, le 26/07/11 :
1bAocB kptyktyjysoc

Commentaire de jXvwASaZLIDUfRbp, le 26/07/11 :
Back in socohl, I'm doing so much learning.

Commentaire de phaphane53, le 16/06/10 :
encore moi ,good luck SARAH !!

Commentaire de phaphane53, le 16/06/10 :
Très beau minois , mignonne ,fraîche ,de beaux yeux ,une belle poitrine (bon ,ce n'est pas l'important ,mais ça le fait !!) Vote : 10 / 10 (un canon !!) ,je craque.....!!

Commentaire de yannicklemousquetaire, le 23/07/08 :
salut sarah

Commentaire de sayah, le 18/10/07 :
tu fais un petit peu peur quand même...............

Commentaire de madcat31, le 03/10/07 :
salu miss